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B-Wing – Composite Art by Tray Chester

I have the pleasure of introducing another fine talent to this gallery… artist Tray Chester! Utilizing the blue screen photographs of the Modeler Magic/Kuhn Global 1:24 B-Wing (SEEN HERE of the Marc E...

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SOLD!! 1:24 B-Wing built by Marc Elkins … NOW in the Kuhn Global Collection

Built from the original castings from Jeff Broz, whom then turned the kit over to Robert Burns, this model is one of two that began in the hands of artist R.L. Bleecker...

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1:24 B-Wing by Daniel Schaffer

Built from the molds of the originally known as the Robert Burns kit, which was mastered by professional modeler Alfred Wong, this piece is absolutely beautiful! Master builder Daniel Schaffer ...

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1:24 B-Wing mastered and built by Alfred Wong


Hired by Robert Burns to master this beautiful, large scale B-Wing, Robert Burns then sold the masters to Jeff Broz who them made kits of this piece. Alfred built his as a RED squad...

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