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ALIEN Derelict Ship – Art by Stefan Böttcher, Model by Klaus Schäftner

I can never get enough of the 1979 film ALIEN! It was fantastic! Artist’s Stefan Böttcher and Klaus Schäftner have brought this film alive again with this fantastic vision of the Derelict ship that th...

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Panzerkampfjagdflugzeug Pkf.85 Falke painted by Stefan Böttcher

Stefan Böttcher is back with this outstanding painting of a Ma. K. Falke! I love the coloring Stefan utilizes of his pallet. It adds so much in depth, making his painting rather excited to view!


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“SANDCRAWLER” McQuarrie Tribute Painting by Stefan Böttcher

Everyone who is anyone that has loved Star Wars, or Science Fiction in general, knows the name Ralph McQuarrie...

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Probot on an Icy HOTH Mission at Dawn – Digital Art by Stefan Böttcher

I love this artist’s works! He has a look that no other has! The colors are vibrant and beautiful as is the way the entire piece is viewed! Professional Artist Stefan Böttcher…. absolutely fantastic!

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“Securing the Battlefield” Composite Art by Stefan Böttcher (Art deWhill)

There is something about this artists works that really grabs me! I believe it is his use of color and depth, but I cannot actually pinpoint the ‘feel’ I receive when looking at his art… except that I...

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Republic Cruiser – Composite Art by Stefan Böttcher

Using the photos of the fantastic Stefan Hacker build of the Randy Cooper Radiant Kit, artist Stefan Böttcher has succeeded in creating this amazing piece that has his own, unique look to it! I...

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