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Colonial Battlehawk by Thomas Weber of The Glues Brothers

The Glues Brothers own Thomas Weber returns with another fantastic scratch and bash design! This is brilliant work by Thomas! I love it! One thing is for sure… by the size of the pilot this is one HUG...

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Jay Rich’s U.S.S. KELVIN

We had shown this once before (look HERE), but not in such great effects lighting that happens in studio work, giving the models exactly what they need to look as if they came right off the BIG SCREEN...

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Colonial Freighter Icarus by Thomas Weber

Another member of the Glues Brothers…. artist Thomas Weber creates amazing new designs… like this one that was inspired by 1978’s Battlestar Galactica!




Thomas “Bashman” Weber

Glues Brothers – S...

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Andrew Creighton’s 1.2 Meter “Scratch & Bash” Battlestar Galactica WIP

If you haven’t yet seen Andrew Creighton’s works, you are missing a great artist! To see more from him, just look around for his name here on Modeler Magic, or even go to where he resides… at the Glue...

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Martin Weber’s PREDATOR Diorama

A Member of The Glues Brothers, Martin Weber’s talents are well noted in this fantastic Predator piece!



Martin Weber

Glues Brothers – Sci-Fi & Fantasty Modeling

To visit the Glues Brothers Face...

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