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Kuhn Global Blue Screen – (2022) 1:650 Star Trek: Nemesis – Enterprise 1701-E (2007 Cast #001, Incarnation #004) in The Albert Siow Collection

As stated in October 2007, and again in December 2012: This 41 inch model was mastered by Richard Long in 2005-2006. This was the very first cast kit from his patterns...

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Studio Scale USS Defiant by Dan Grumeretz for the Albert Siow Collection

As I stated in the last showing, this too is one of the three Richard Long patterned studio scale USS Defiant castings that were created...

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HUGE!! Studio Scale USS DEFIANT by Dan Grumeretz for the Albert Siow Collection

This piece is quite rare being that the kit was made by the former kit maker Sovereign Replicas, and that only three made it into collectors hands...

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Collector Albert Siow Compares the MR Luke Saber Prototype to the Production Version

The title explains it all… and Albert is very good at presenting it all! Thanks Al!





Statements made, or views expressed may NOT be the views of Modeler’s...

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3 Battlestar builds COMPLETED with PACIFICA

Make Salzo made one of the best kits ever offered (in my humble opinion) in the half studio scale Battlestar! I had been talking with him for years about it’s possibility, even offering him money for ...

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eFX Studio X-Wing from the Albert Siow Collection

Purchased from eFX, this X-Wing originally looked VERY different due to it’s mass production paint scheme...

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MR Luke Skywalker V2 Light Saber PROTOTYPE from the Albert Siow Collection

Collector Albert Siow shows us more from his excellent Collection with this piece he has brought out of storage to finally show world...

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QMX Viper MK II – Unboxing & FlyBy from Albert Siow

After a few years of  having this piece packed away, while his collection room was being refurbished, collector Albert Siow is now ready to have it back on display in his magnificent collection! Check...

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Collector Albert Siow’s Display Area – WIP

Collector Albert Siow is really sparing no expense when making up what his fantastic display area will look like! You can see here with the huge acrylic Star Trek sign he made to be over his multiple ...

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1:1000 Enterprise 1701-E Review by Albert Siow

Collector Albert Siow received his Titan M&M 1000 scale Enterprise 1701-E just a few days ago and wanted to show his great impressions of this masterful kit that was patterned by Richard Long! They di...

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