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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:20 (13 Inches Tall!) Work Horse Mech from Catalyst Creations



Work Horse Mech

A Jeremy Cook Design

Kit Producer: Catalyst Creations 1794607_702916929729783_2705830_n

Kit Scale: 1/20

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: TBA

Kit Price: (Expected to be about $350 USD...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! The Valkyrie Racer!!!





The Valkyrie Racer


This is a potential Collaborative project between Concept Artist Jeremy Cook and Catalyst Creations...

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The Island CG Environment by Jeremy Cook & Yannick Dusseault

Master CG Artists Jeremy Cook & Yannick Dusseault again have their expertise in the film industry shown with this fantastic CG Environment  from the movie “The Island”...

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Star Wars Revenge of the Sith CG Environments by Jeremy Cook & Yannick Dusseault

Known for his various film industry works, master artist (and ILM’er) Jeremy Cook shows some of his works in Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith...

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TRANSFORMERS CG Environments by Jeremy Cook & Joe Ceballos

This artists work never stops impressing me. Along with his famed works on several movies we are all fans of, master artist (and ILM’er) Jeremy Cook, and co artist Joe Ceballos have these beau...

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“MAYFLOWER” CG Environment Art by Jeremy Cook

I love this piece! It reminds me of a modern day shot from the classic Sci-Fi Film “When Worlds Collide”! Professional artist Jeremy Cook (of ILM fame for his works on Star Wars EpIII and Transformers...

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Valkyrie ERV LeMans Digital Concept Art by Jeremy Cook

ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) Digital Matte, Modeling and Concept Artist Jeremy Cook shows why the movie industry uses him so often...

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