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Gemini Freighter by Wold Models & Miniatures

Foxx Wolf again shows us his excellence with this great and tiny TimeSlip Creations kit of the Gemini Freighter.

This is Timeslip Creations’ tiny TINY (yet awesome) Gemini Freighter...

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LEGO Y-Wing by Wolf Models & Miniatures

Foxx Wolf returns with this great LEGO build, and paint up of the very popular Y-Wing from Star Wars!

Here is another LEGO build and paint – Gold Leader’s Y-Wing...

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Lego A-Wing by Foxx Wolf

Artist Foxx Wolf Returns with this excellent A-Wing LEGO build! I love LEGOs!





I thought you might like some pics of a little fun project I did on a tiny little LEGO kit I had lying around – this f...

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Millennium Falcon by Foxx Wolf

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Foxx Wolf to this Gallery! Foxx has been a long time viewer, being inspired by many of the builds he has seen on Modeler Magic, not to mention being abl...

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