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Roddenberry Vault (Blu-ray Screen Captures) of the USS Enterprise Studio Model from Karl Tate

My best photos of the Enterprise being filmed come from The Roddenberry Vault blu-ray. They are frame grabs from Roddenberry Vault.



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Karl Tate’s ROUND 2 Space 1999 Eagle Transporter by Stephen Dymszo

I built three of these… One for myself and two for customers.

One of those customers was Karl Tate, who is also our company’s graphics manager and is extremely knowledgeable about the original Eagle f...

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Round 2 (22 Inch!) Space 1999 Eagle built by Stephen Dymszo and Photos by Karl Tate

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! This is shown with the accurate landing pad graphic, which is sold currently! (Click HERE to purchase one for your own Round 2 Eagle build!).

Steve put 150 hours of ...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Space 1999 Landing Pad Graphic from SD Studios


SD Studios


Space 1999

Landing Pad Platform Graphic



This HAD Included Shipping within USA

This super-high-quality 25″ x 12″ print represents a s...

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TWO Atomic City Studio Scale ORION Space Planes – Built by Steve Dymszo, Photographed by’s Karl Tate

I have been a long-time customer of Atomic City’s since the 1990s and love his kits! I assisted Scott a bit with this particular project last year and per our agreement, I received kits #1 and #2 in O...

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The INTERSTELLAR Studio Models

Artist Marc Elkins came home a few weeks ago after viewing the film Interstellar, and immediately emailed me how impressed he was with the film, and the model effects...

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