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2015 JERSEYFEST!! Register NOW for the new “Jordu Schell Sculpting Class”!

Registrations begin now for the new “Jordu Schell Sculpting Class” by The Compleat Sculptor at the 2015 JerseyFest Academy. This hands-on class is occurring on Friday, Aug...

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We will have Jordu Schell as one of our special guests at Jerseyfest 2014 in August...

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Spielberg’s: WAR of the Worlds ALIEN scultped by Jordu Schell

I love the Steve Spielberg re-make of War of the Worlds! I loved the original movie, and the original radio broadcast that literally sent people into a panic not know it wasn’t real! Master artist Jor...

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Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin – Sculpt by Jordu Schell

First seen at the Muddy Colors artist Blog Site (SEEN HERE), I simply could not believe my eyes. A sculpt of Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin from 1977’s Star Wars staring me in the face…....

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