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COLLECTION WARS! Episode 4: Kurt Kuhn – The Man Behind Modeler Magic

Welcome back to COLLECTION WARS! This was shown on March 11, 2021.

In this episode we interview Kurt Kuhn, the founder of

Kurt has inspired sci-fi fans around the world with his amazi...

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13’s Battlestar Phoenix Design (Over 6 Feet) built by Garry King… a HIT!!

Original design by Battlestar Galactica’s Eric Chu for the Production of “13”, (with length and design tweeks by Eric, Tobias Richter and myself),… artist Garry King built this beautiful design out of...

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Garry King’s 13th Tribe Battlestar Build Being Shown at Lego Exhibition in Hobart

Would you like to see this massive LEGO build of the first Battlestar from the upcoming Production of “13”? Then you are in luck because it will be shown at the LEGO Exhibition in Hobart! The informat...

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“13” Battlestar LEGO Build WIP UPDATE from Garry King

Fantastic artist Garry King gives us an update on the fantastic ‘first’ Battlestar from the Kuhn Global Production of “13”!


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HUGE!! 13th Tribe Battlestar from “13” **WIP** LEGO Build by Garry King

I have to say that I am both thrilled and honored that artist Garry King would build this 13 Tribe Battlestar (currently named PHOENIX for reference. This will change)...

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