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COLLECTION WARS! Episode 4: Kurt Kuhn – The Man Behind Modeler Magic

Welcome back to COLLECTION WARS! This was shown on March 11, 2021.

In this episode we interview Kurt Kuhn, the founder of

Kurt has inspired sci-fi fans around the world with his amazi...

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KIT ALERT! NEW from Fantastic Plastic! Convair Space Station 1:48 Lifeboat Kit!



Convair Space Station


(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$65 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/48 (When completed, the model is 6.5 (17cm) long.)


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Trevor Alderson – TAMIYA – 1:100 Space Shuttle ATLANTIS

Here is my latest model, the 1/100 scale Space Shuttle Orbiter by Tamiya. I was inspired to make this after a visit to Houston NASA last year...

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The David Romano AMAZING Collection! – Part 1

I have two more rooms with models in them aside from what we are showing here today. The large TU 95, SR -71, and B-2 were built by modelers at Wright-Patterson AFB for early laser research...

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Ian Lawrence’s REVELL/MONOGRAM 1:72 Space Shuttle with Boosters!

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on January 25, 2009 and now updated to today’s showing standard! U.K...

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Curtis Hughes’ 1:144 Apollo 7 by Steven Caricatto

I finished the First Apollo 7 manned flight mission on John Glens 50th anniversary into Space! I built this one for Curtis Hughes. It took two weeks to complete...

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Steve Carricato – NASA – 1:24 Gemini Capsule for the Curtis Hughes Collection

This is a build for collector Curtis Hughes from the Revell Gemini Kit by artist Steve Carricato. This was one unique real space capsules due to the windows giving it more of a ‘piloted’ craft look...

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1976 REVELL – 1/48 Apollo 8 by Steve Carricato for the Curtis Hughes Collection

I just finished the Apollo 8 Lunar Lander and Service Module Commission Build! This one took only 3 months to complete for Mr. Curtis Hughes. The kit is the 1976 1/48 scale Revell History Maker kit...

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1:96 (45 Inch) APOLLO 11 Saturn V Rocket by Steve Carricato for the Curtis Hughes Collection

I just finished the 1/96 scale SATURN V MOON ROCKET APOLLO 11! It measures 45″ in height and was commission build for collector Curtis Hughes...

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