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Studio Scale Galactica Shuttle by Ed Miarecki

Before the amazing MSLZ22 Models kit was made, professional modeler Ed Miarecki had already produced extremely fine and accurate replicas of the Battlestar Galactica’s Shuttles...

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Galactica Shuttle Studio Model APOGEE Photos from Jon Billings

These beautiful photos of the Galactica Shuttle were provided by known industry modeler Jon Billings. I wish to thank Jon for making these public for all to view and learn from.

To view each ...

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Eastern Alliance Cruiser Studio Model from Mark Dickson and Jon Billings

As the Battlestar Galactica and it’s Rag Tag Fleet traveled further away from their original homes, they came across an Earth-type planet that had some very militaristic ideals...

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Studio Scale Cylon AB Fighter mastered by Jon Billings

This beautiful piece is an exact replica of the Cylon AB Fighter used in Galactica 1980...

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Ardala Launch Studio Model Replica mastered by Jon Billings & Gene Kozicki

Recreating a studio model from the original has always been what everyone would like (if they could not have the original)...

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