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Kuhn Global’s FOUR DeSanto Battlestar Galactica Continuation 1/24 COLONIAL VIPERS – Built by R.L. Bleecker – From the Moonbase Models Kits – Blue Screen by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn) – Composite by Robert Watson!

I love back stories! Tom DeSanto’s “Battlestar Galactica: The Continuation” story really took everyone to excitement...

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Tom DeSanto’s 1:24 “DeSanto” Galactica Continuation Mk IV Colonial Viper by David Martis – Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Shown here back in 2008, then again in Sept. 2010 after I gave this to Tom DeSanto….. this is a Piece of Galactica History...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Viper Heaven!! ALL 4 Styled VIPERS in Studio Scale!! from Chris Dobinson


Chris Dobinson


FOUR Studio Vipers!!

All 4 Together for

$1,000 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a once in a great while offer that I don’t believe will last long! The kits alone that were pu...

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Mk IV “Continuation” Viper by Kostas Kosmidis

Those who know this kit are very aware of what everyone went through to even get one...

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1:24 Contunation Viper by R.L. Bleecker

When Tom DeSanto and Bryan Singer got together to do a Continuation Series (long before the highly successful Ron Moore Re-do), Mr...

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“BREAK! BREAK! BREAK!” Composite Art by R.L. Bleecker

As Blue Squadron tests out their re-designed Viper Mk IV’s in deep space…. each Colonial Pilot suddenly hears a shout from their CAG over their VOX system…...

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1:24 Galactica Continuation Viper by R.L. Bleecker

Designed for Tom DeSanto, patterns made by Michael Miles and Coby Lorang, then made into a workable kit by Gil Brumana of Moonbase Models, professional modeler R.L...

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Kuhn Global VIPER Squadron

Here is all four of the finished Salzo/Reis Studio Vipers together in action that R.L. Bleecker built for the collection...

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“DeSanto Viper” Composite Art by Robert Watson

Built from the Michael Miles Artistry 1:24 scale kit, this fantastic build was done by artist Chris Dobinson! From the final photos he did of it, Robert Watson, did a fantastic job placing it...

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