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Beast Of Emmerschans/StarCar by Harry Arling

Another amazing KOSMOTRONIK by Harry Arling! I love these!

I proudly present you the Beast Of Emmerschans/StarCar. Its inspired by Italian car manufactory Fiat...

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It’s KOSMOTRONIK!!! Harry Arling’s Race Beetle

No matter what this artist comes up with, I always find myself smiling at his creations! Quite genius! Harry’s Kosmotroniks are amazing!!


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Harry Arling’s Kosmotronik – FlorenceHelmet

I absolutely LOVE this creative design work by Harry Arling! These KOSMOTRONIKS take me back to childhood imagination….. and wonder! They make me smile! Outstanding work Harry!

I’m was very busy mak...

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Kosmotronik – AimBike by Harry Arling

I have always stated how Harry Arling’s KOSMOTRONIK’s make me smile…. I find them amazing!

Here’s the Kosmotronik – AimBike. Not that it can shoot...

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Kosmotroniks GoldFish by Harry Arling!

Another beautiful creation from Harry! These Kosmotroniks intrigue me! What a great, creative mind this artist has!




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To c...

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Kosmotroniks MixerCars!

There is something about these creations of Harry Arling that make me smile! These cars were made from electric hand mixers! Fantastic!

kosmotroniks, mixers


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Kosmotroniks “Tractor” by Harry Arling

There is something fantastic that grabs me attention every time I view one of artist Harry Arling’s creations! I love these KOSMOTRONIKS!




To visit the Kosmotrniks site direct, please click the b...

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Kosmotroniks “Sun” by Harry Arling

Artist Harry Arling is magnificent in his very unique creations! His style of modeling is fantastic… called Kosmotroniks… and inspires imagination…...

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Presenting KOSMOTRONIKS by Harry Arling

I have the great pleasure of introducing a very creative artist to this gallery… the creator of Kosmotroniks, artist Harry Arling! These fantastic creations remind me of my younger days, and the imagi...

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