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Nigel Rostance (The Breakers Yard) – Fang of the Sun Dougram – Sandstorm in a Snow Globe

As I needed an intermission from my current project, I came across some DIY snow globe kits at a local dollar store...

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Nigel Rostance – Ian McQue Inspired – Tofu Tower with Airship Junkers – A Scratch & Bash Display

“I Hate You, Ian McQue…”

Once upon a time, (modelling) life was simple...

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Jurassic Condos – 8 Inch! Diorama by Nigel Rostance

I acquired the model of this condominium from my employer (as I work in architectural building sciences)...

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HMCSS Gibraltar by Nigel Rostance of The Breakers Yard

This most recent project was inspired by the “flattop” ship (a background rag tag fleet vessel) from the original Battlestar Galactica, as well as the ship from Moebius’s strip “It’s a Small Universe”...

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The Buzzard – A Martin Bower Inspired Creation by Nigel Rostance of The Breakers Yard

I may as well introduce myself with my most recent work, the Buzzard. I have attached 10 images in the format as requested (Hope I got it right; my camera is very basic….)...

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