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Kostas Kosmidis – 31 Inch!! Colonial Viper MKI

I have finished a client build and have some pics to show. This is the 31 inch Colonial Viper MKI from Battlestar Galactica (TOS), built from the 1/12 resin kit Mike Salzo created...

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Salzo 37.5 Inch GALACTICA by Kostas Kosmidis

This is the 37.5 inch, half studio scale Battlestar Galactica (TOS) resin kit from Mike Salzo. Added Greeblies and lights to clients preference, and not for accuracy...

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Clone Wars:Consular Class Cruiser “Charger c70 Retrofit” by Kostas Kosmidis

Expanded Universe Model’s artist Kostas Kosmidis brings us this wonderful conversion of the Radiant kit that Randy Cooper offers!

My Consular Class Cruiser is finished...

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HUGE!! 1/3 (20 Inch) Venom Statue by Kostas Kosmidis

Artist Kostas Kosmidas bring us this amazingly huge statue of Venom! These were very limited!!

Here is my latest work for the gallery: 1/3 scale Venom Statue. Venom is big, measures approx...

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1:700 Earth Defense Flagship Andromeda by Kostas Kosmidis

I love this! Kostas Kosmidis  is back with this magnificent Bandai Kit build!!










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To contac...

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1:6 Judge Dredd by Kostas Kosmidis



Kostas Kosmidis really did a beautiful job with this Dredd figure. One of my favorites!


This is a 1/6th (12,5 inches) version of Judge Dredd...

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1:5 Scale Batman Beyond Statue by Kostas Kosmidis

Artist Kostas Kosmidis returns with this fantastic figure of Batman from Batman Beyond! Beautiful work!

OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1/72 Access Freighter from Future Models




Star Wars

Knights of the Old Republic

Access Freighter

Kit Producer: Future Models

Kit Scale: 1/72

Kit Materials: Smooth-On Resin

Number of Pieces: 56

Kit Pr...

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1:48 TIE Phantom by Kostas Kosmidis

The Star Wars EXPANDED Universe has offered some great designs for us sci-fi fans! This one, made from Alfred Wong kit was built by known artist Kostas Kosmidis! It is great to show his works again as...

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Star Trek Voyager – Studio Scale Class 2 “Speedboat” Shuttle by Kostas Kosmidis

Artist Kostas Kosmidis returns with this beautiful build of the “Speedboat” shuttle from Star Trek Voyager! And this one is even STUDIO SCALE! Fantastic!


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