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KIT ALERTS! New from ToroModelStudio – MOON – 1/24 Rover’s 1, 2, and 3, plus the Light Tower!



Lunar Vehicles

ROVER’s 1, 2 and 3



(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

ROVER 1 is 180,00€

ROVER 2 is 185,00€

ROVER 3 is 195,00€


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ToroModelStudio – MOON – 1/24 ROVER 01

Here is my latest work, a small vignette representing a scene imagined for the movie MOON (Duncan Jones 2009)...

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César Villar Toro’s – Battlestar Galactica – Moebius Cylon Centurion – 1/6 – (Kit-superdetallado)

The kit is by Moebius Models, and represents the Cylon centurion of the remake of Battlestar Galactica. The scale is 1/6 and the pieces are styrene...

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LEGEND’s The Dark Lord by César Villar Toro

This piece by Cesar Toro is fantastic! Even actor Tim Curry, whom played the Lord of Darkness, would love this!

Legend is one of my favorite movies, and Rob Bottin, a very great artist...

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César Villar Toro’s Millennium Falcon!! YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS BUILD!!

Artist César Villar Toro has returned with an AMAZINGLY detailed build of the Falcon! This is the MOST highly detailed Falcon build I have seen of the Falcon outside of a complete scratch build! Even ...

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1:1000 BSG Mineral Ship by Cesar Toro

After a long absence showing in our gallery, artist Cesar Toro has returned with this fantastic Mining Ship from Battlestar Galactica! using the ZOIC renders of the actual cg model used in the series,...

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1:35 Starship Troopers DROP SHIP by Cesar Toro

Once again this artist comes forward with a fantastic build! Cesar Villar Toro of TOROMODELSTUDIO is simply an amazing artist. I enjoy each and every piece he makes...

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‘V’ – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Even though we are all watching the skies with today’s series “V”, the mini series in the 1980’s was just as successful in making us do the same...

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1980’s Mini-Series “V” 1:48 Shuttles by Cesar Villar Toro

This artist always impresses me! Mr Cesar Villar Toro of TORO MODEL STUDIO! Of this subject, the 1980’s Mini-Series “V”, Cesar has much to show… so much that you absolutely MUST click on his banner li...

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1:960 NOSTROMO by Cesar Villar Toro

Back again is this master artist from Ibiza, Spain….. Cesar Toro! This build of the ever famous deep space cargo vessel from the 1979 hit ALIEN… the NOSTROMO looks better than ever in model form...

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