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Rod Lowe – 1:72 Revell V-22 OSPREY

After a 8 year hiatus, last showing my Millennium Falcon here back in 2012, I have started model making again, this time a Revell 1/72 scale V22 Osprey.

I made some major modifications which took abou...

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Millennium Falcon “Landed” by Rod Lowe

Viewing the Millennium Falcon in “Landed” mode is rare… and this piece by Rod Lowe is beautiful! It shows the great idea of the lighting power being one of the actual landing gear legs! Fantastic!


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Monogram Galactica Extreme Conversion by Jason Ricketts

Thanks to Rod Lowe (photographer of this model) I have been placed in contact with it’s artist… Jason Ricketts! We look forward to showing more of his works. Shown here originally on Dec. 8, 2011…....

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