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FOR SALE!! For the DREW HUFFMAN Estate – Star Trek – DeBoer Hulls USS Enterprise 46″ (116.8cm) REFIT Kit!



DeBoer Hulls USS Enterprise 46″ (116.8cm) REFIT Kit

There in only ONE Kit for sale.

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)

$ Please Inquire $

Plus Shipping


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A Jason Ware Build – The 1/260 (46 Inch) DeBoer USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A

I just completed a DeBoer Refit NCC-1701-A for my happy client Kevin. He will be adding the 1/260 4ft DeBoer Hulls USS Enterprise 1701-A shown below to his collection...

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46 Inch Enterprise 1701-A built by Tim Ketzer

Shown originally here on Modeler Magic back on January 27, 2009…. over eight years ago… I felt this piece deserved a bump to the front pages once again.

Built from a DeBoer kit, Tim Ketzer masterfully...

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Tobias Richter’s – LARGE DeBoer Patterned – Starship Reliant built by Tim Ketzer

First shown here back on January 27, 2009, this fantastic piece deserved a bump to the front of the Gallery.

Built from the large scale DeBoer kit, and in scale with the 1701-A model, Master Modeler T...

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DeBoer “NorthStar” USS Reliant by Daniel Beck

I can never get enough of Daniel’s builds. This DeBoer NorthStar kit is fantastic, and Daniel made it beautiful!

I did this DeBoer Reliant in the last few weeks and I am very proud of the the result...

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KIT ALERT!! HUGE! DeBoer RELIANT NCC-1864 “Northstar” KIT



The Wrath of Khan


DeBoer Hulls “NorthStar” Kit

I was recently contacted by artist Scott Boon, whom informed me that communications have been opened between his cl...

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Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan – New Poster by Robin Clifford

I love this artist’s works! Once again Rob has come to us with a fantastic piece for a poster featuring The Wrath of Khan! The actual Reliant you see on the poster was utilized from the Tobias Richter...

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46 Inch Enterprise – Shuttle Bay Chasing Lights by NemVia Productions

We have all seen the fantastic Starship builds from NemVia Production’s Mark Nehmzow, and now we get to see a new update to his “Starship Production Line” former showing...

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Starship Production Line by NemVia Productions

Talk about an impressive site! Pro modeler Mark Nehmzow of NemVia Productions has taken on many starship builds in his day, but these are the most he has taken on at the same time...

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ALERT!! 46 Inch SEAVIEW “Concept II” from Deboer Hulls

I have been blown away by some fantastic re-designs before now…...

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