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Shuttlecraft Galileo 7 by Jerry Terrell

Star Treks classic shuttlecraft…. one of the most recognizable sci fi vehicles ever designed. Today artist Jerry Terrell presents a build he did over 11 years ago…..with full interiors! Nicely done!


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1:350 K’Tinga Cruiser by Jerry Terrell

Artist Jerry Terrell is back again with this wonderful build of the OUT OF PRODUCTION Sovereign Replicas 1:350 Klingon K’Tinga Cruiser kit. His lighting and paneling effects are very well done...

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1:350 Battle Damaged ROMULAN Bird of Prey bu Jerry Terrell

Built from the amazing Sovereign Replicas kit, professional modeler Jerry Terrell did something I had not seen done on one of these ships...

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Disney’s Nautilus Interior by Jerry Terrell

This beautiful miniature interior was built by a fantastic modeling artist.. Jerry Terrell. When I saw this interior of the Nautilus, my jaw dropped...

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