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Greg Dietrich – Star Wars Universe – HUGE at 1/6 Scale! YT-300 – Work in Progress – Update 1

I wanted to show some images of my YT-300 (yes… 300) ship I’ve been working for the past few months. I am getting close to finishing up and thought you all might enjoy seeing some updates!

The YT-30...

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COMING SOON from Greg Dietrich! 1/6 & 1/4 Kits from the Millennium Falcon


Greg Dietrich


1/6 & 1/4 Kits

From The


Greg Dietrich here again! Just wanted to say hello, see how things were going and to let you know that me and the team...

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COMING SOON from Greg Dietrich! (28 Inch Diameter!!) 1/4 and 1/6 Millennium Falcon Cockpit Kits!


Greg Dietrich


Millennium Falcon

(28 Inch Diameter!!) at 1/4  &  1/6 Cockpit Kits

I am making a 1/4 and 1/6 scale version of the cockpit console and cockpit...

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Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project UPDATE from Greg Dietrich

The Full Scale Falcon Project is still moving forward and we’re slowly approaching our 5th year! There have been a LOT of changes and updates to the cockpit since our last update/posting...

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FULL Sized Millennium Falcon Update from Greg Dietrich!

These artists are working hard to recreate this beast. Great work to all of them!!









Greg Dietrich

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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Full Scale Falcon Project by Greg Dietrich and Crew

This is the second full sized Falcon Cockpit Greg and his guys have built… this time for the full sized Falcon herself!

Happy New Year! Long time no update…

Just thought I would send a few photos ...

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Full Scale Falcon Project Update – ESB Cockpit by Greg Dietrich & Crew!

These guys are unstoppable in their efforts to produce a full sized Millennium Falcon! Starting fresh with a new cockpit from ESB…...

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FULL Sized Falcon Cockpit UPDATE from Greg Dietrich!

This is completely impressive!

Long time since our last Full Scale Falcon Project (Cockpit) update! The team had been working long nights in prep for the Geek Media Expo in Tennessee just a few week...

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EVEN MORE!! Greg Dietrich and Crew’s FULL SIZED Falcon Cockpit

What can I say about this?! I am thrilled with the work these fine artists have done. I hope to have one of these to show here someday. Absolutely fantastic!

Another quick follow up!

TEDxNashville w...

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Full Sized Falcon Build CONTINUES!!!

The team building the full scale Falcon is doing absolutely amazing work, making a dream come true! Fantastic! And btw… as Greg informed me, this project has the FULL go ahead approval from both Lucas...

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