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SOLD OUT!! 1:1 Genisys TERMINATOR from Chronicle



Genisys 1:1 Terminator

We are 6 to 8 weeks out on delivery of the 1:1 Terminator. You can lock of the arms at the shoulders and elbows, and the forearms rotate...

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Lucas Francis Studio Open House Build Day on 2/12/2011


Industry famed modeler Paul Francis is having an OPEN HOUSE BUILD DAY at his studio on February 12, 2011! This is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and learn from a master model maker personal...

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“Kelly’s Heroes” ODDBALL’s Sherman Tank by Paul Francis

Industry known professional modeler Paul Francis has done amazing work on this miniature of the Sherman Tank used in Kelly’s Heroes! Not only is the paint scheme and weathering very realistic, but so ...

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SOLD!! 4 Foot ORIGINAL Studio Cast ID4 Attacker!!

Built from an original casting of the actual studio model used in the movie Independence Day (ID4), here is  the actual piece that is currently for sale from  industry famed Paul Francis of

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