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Nicolas Huguet / NH Design – HASBRO Black Series CONVERSION – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back T-47 Snowspeeder RE-PAINT

Here is my latest commission work that I did the conversion for a client… a Hasbro Snowspeeder. It is a nice size (almost a studio scale) and I painted it with Archive-X paints.
Nicolas Huguet
NH Desi...

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Pascal Van Der Sande – Hasbro – STAR WARS X-34 Landspeeder Paint Up

Artist Pascal Van Der Sande made this fantastic Hasbro toy stand out with a new paint job! Beautifully done!





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A Kuhn Global “Lengthy” TOY Review – Star Wars – 2020 HASBRO: The Black Series – SNOWSPEEDER with Dak Ralter 6″ Figure / And the Kenner 1980 Toy Re-visit

When 1980 came around, and The Empire Strikes Back was released, I came out of the theater pumped up and excited about the new ship designs that had been used in the film! The Rebel Base attack scene ...

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Jeff Bond’s 21″ X 16″ Scratch Built ALIEN Refinery Model with Micro-Machine Nostromo Tug

I worked on this off and on for about four months...

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Kuhn Global’s – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – 1/18 GENERAL GRIEVOUS’s Fighter – Conversion – Blue Screen Photos

While this piece was converted from the Hasbro toy by MTM Studio back in 2007, I managed to photograph it back in 2008, and then show it here on Modeler Magic January 14, 2009...

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Carricato’s – Hasbro Conversion – Rey’s Speeder – Completed!

Artist Steve Carricato recently completed this find model, which he converted from the Hasbro toy!

Final Model

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Steve Carricato’s HASBRO Conversion WIP – Rey’s Speeder

Artist Steve Carricato is once again doing one of these wonderful model conversions from the Hasbro toy! As a work in in progress, this Hasbro is Steve’s second commission to convert Rey’s Speeder fro...

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The Collection Room and Works of Jon Schumann

I have been a long time viewer of Modeler Magic and thought I would submit some of the things that I have created over my modeling career. Here is a general look at my current collection...

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1/18 HASBRO X-Wing – Toy Conversion by Fabrice Maggio

I love to see toy conversions into fantastic model displays. Such is this one by Fabrice Maggio...

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FOR SALE!! Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter X-1 HASBRO Conversion with LED Lights from Smallville Space



Charles Jackson


HASBRO Conversion

Darth Vader’s

TIE Advanced Fighter X-1

$350 USD

Plus $35 USA Shipping Only Please

Payment Methods Accepted: Money Order or Check...

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