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John Simmons – 1/24 Resin T-70 & Studio Scale Nice N Red Jammer Builds

John has kindly submitted some great pictures of two of his recent builds.

They are both amazing as you will see

Thanks for submitting them John

Ok enough talk, lets check them out!

1/24 Resin T...

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John Simmons – STAR WARS – Studio Scale SANDCRAWLER – WIP Update!!

Artist John Simmons continues to work diligently on this massive undertaking… the studio scale Sandcrawler from Star Wars! Look at the fine detail work he in placing in…...

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John Simmons – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Studio Scale Imperial Walker “AT-AT”

Here is yet another amazing piece by artist John Simmons… the studio scale “AT-AT” Imperial Walker as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back...

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John Simmons – Dreams Scale Model – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Imperial Probe Droid

This kit is made and sold by Sergio Gutierrez at
This Imperial Probe Droid was a recent model I have finished...

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John Simmons – John Stuart – Korbanth – STAR WARS CONCEPT – 1:144 Blockade Runner “PIRATE SHIP” Millennium Falcon!

This is Brilliant! I love it! We shall be showing John Stuart’s photos of this piece as well very soon.

We are pretty much done with the 1/144 41” Blockade Runner dressed up as the ‘Pirate Ship’, whi...

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John Simmons – Ralph McQuarrie Paint Inspired – Scratch Built/Kit Bashed Studio Scale Maquette A-Wing Fighter

Here is my latest...

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John Simmon’s – WETA Workshop – CHAPPIE – 1/8 Moose

Here are my final photos of the resin 1/8 Moose from Weta Workshop. Again painted in Archive-X Acrylics and weathered with Archive-X Enamels.
John Simmons

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FOR SALE by JOHN SIMMONS!! Star Wars -BanDai- Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon!


John Simmons


BanDai Perfect Grade

Millennium Falcon


Plus Shipping

Offered today is the Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon, finished in Archive X acrylics...

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John Simmon’s 2nd – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – NICE-N Studio Scale SLAVE ONE Build!

Here are my the Slave 1 photos of my second build (even next to my first, which may be seen HERE). I built them using Archive X’s new acrylics...

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John Simmon’s – STAR WARS “Background” Ship – Inspired from the Jason Eaton Photos – the Space Harrier

This is one of the background ships I identified from Jason Eaton’s photos. Mainly the Airfix Harrier makes it up. Again beta testing with Archive X acrylics.
Thanks again!
John Simmons

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