A Kuhn Global KIT Review – Studio Scale 3D Printed Buck Rogers THUNDERFIGHTER KIT Parts – Printed from ALAIN RIVARD PROP SHOP’s STL Files

I love these amazing and large mode kits. This one, from Alain Rivard’s PROP SHOP was 3D printed from the STL Files Alain created based on the measurements and details of the original studio model used in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I have had two other kit makers studio scale Thunderfighter’s in the collection fro some time and I must say that this kit stands well with them both. Having been 3D Printed, it does have some remnant lines that can be seen with the naked eye, but unfelt when I ran my fingers over those spots. The design of the kit itself is very well thought out, and the parts fit so well together that it could be a snap kit. At first glance, I thought I had found a fitment alignment issue, but as it turned out it was my own alignment error. These parts are so well made that some who have little build experience may choose to not use filler for those in between areas and still have a wonderful display when completed. The mounting of this model on a stand should be easy as Alain provided a mounting area built in that also acts as a strengthened bulkhead of the bottom of the Thunderfighter. It is most likely welcomed by most, however for my own collection, this is a feature I do wish was left off as I use Panavise Camera mounts to show my Fighters in various positions, and this built in mounting point we shall end up filling in. The top fits perfectly onto the bottom as the two go together with an interior alignment  feature that is built into the kit design. There are holes and built in pins that align perfectly for the wings, stabilizers and side spears of this model. I did notice one hole that I cannot identify for any purpose that is located in the side of one of the stabilizer fins. An easy fill. The detailed cockpit fits in beautifully….no gaps… as does the canopy on top of it. The detail of the kit is crisp, though the photos do not show it due to the material, color and lighting. I need to find a way of photographing 3D printed model marts that will not require me to primer the parts in order to show their details. But that is on me, not the Kit Maker. I even took a photo looking into the interior of one of the side Spear parts…lol. I could not resist. Overall this studio scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Kit from Alain Rivard’s Prop Shop is top quality. Plus… because it is 3D Printed from Alain’s STL files… one could scale it as they wish. I continue to be impressed with what is coming from Alain Rivard’s Prop Shop. Along with the other two fantastic studio scale Thunderfighter kits available today, I recommend this kit as well… in any scale you wish it.
One more thing. While 3D printing is taking the world currently, (and I love the preciseness of it), I still love and very much appreciate had crafted models… and I always will.
Great job to Alain Rivard… amazing work!
Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated
Modelers Miniatures & Magic


Kurt Kuhn




Alain Rivard

Sherbrooke, Quebec




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