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1:144 X-Wings by Y. Fuji

Completing his X-wing paint up collection from Star Wars, artist Y...

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1:1000 USS Enterprise REFIT by Y. Fuji

Japan artist Y. Fuji amazes me with his talents for building these tiny 1:1000 Starship’s…...

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1:1000 Enterprise by Y. Fuji!!

For a model so small.. artist Y. Fuji really made this piece look like the filming miniature! Beautiful! I cannot get over the fantastic lighting effects he added!





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A-Wing by Y.Fuji

Artist Y.Fuji is back with this magnificent build of the MPC A-Wing from Star Wars! His use of weathering made it’s realism really pop! Nicely done!


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1:72 RED 2 X-Wing by Y. Fuji

Japan artist Y...

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X-Wing’s RED Leader, RED 2 and RED 5 by Y. Fuji

At only 9 cm long, these incredible paint-ups were done by artist Y. Fuji from the “F-Toys” available in Japan...

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1:144 Millennium Falcon by Y. Fuji

Again I have the great pleasure of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery…. from Japan… artist Y...

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