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Pierre Drolet – USS Jefferies and the International Coalition Space Program – GOarSPACE app


In the last more or less fifty years, a lot of things that was considered science fiction has become science fact...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/20 FM Model Co Colonial Viper MK7e – Modified as the Pierre Drolet MK7B Replica – by Dan Grumeretz

Here is a model kit that has been sitting in a box for years. We are just now getting to many of those that have been waiting to be built...

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CLL-1701 USS Jefferies by Pierre Drolet

Industry Digital Artist Pierre Drolet had done it again with this fantastic creation...

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Pierre Drolet’s – Star Trek Into Darkness Concept Klingon Bird of Prey by Dave Olszewski

Pierre’s designs are amazing…. and Dave’s build skills are fantastic! And… I agree about this design… it should have been utilized in ST:ID...

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KIT ALERT! 1:350 “CONCEPT” Klingon Bird of Prey Kit from Howling Wolf & Pierre Drolet





“CONCEPT” Klingon Bird of Prey

Kit Producer: BOP_PARTS_BREAKDOWN_01 Howling Wolf (Designed by Pierre Drolet)

Kit Scale: 1/350

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 42

Kit Price: $8...

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WWII Viper by Pierre Drolet

Artist Pierre Drolet has done some amazing work for the industry, including this evolutionary piece… the WWII Viper! I love it!!

We needed a retro Viper for the virtual world and I came up with this...

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Pierre Drolet’s Star Trek STARSHIP BONEYARD – Featuring Starship Designs from Famed Artists

Pierre Drolet’s talents are well noted in both the industry and the art form...

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Cylon CENTURIONS by Pierre Drolet

Adding to his impressive arsenal of industry artworks, Pierre continues to shine! Beautiful works!!

 Vintage Cylon Centurion
I was pretty excited when Gary Hutzel asked me to build and redesign the ...

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BSG Weapons Raptor by Pierre Drolet

After all these years I am still drooling over this design and work of Pierre’s!!

They used to called it the “Space Jeep” in the office. (I can’t remember who came up with that name)...

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INTO DARKNESS: Rejected Design – Klingon Bird of Prey by Pierre Drolet

Artist Pierre Drolet is world known for his great works in the Industry with today’s great Science Fiction and Fantasy films and television shows! A few days ago, Pierre contacted me to show a design ...

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