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Kuhn Global KIT UN-BOXING – Dynamic Digital Creations 1/1930 (HALF STUDIO SCALE or 29.5″/ 75cm) Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 Kit!

Hello everyone! It is well to see Modelers Miniatures & Magic again showing new content! Thank you to Chris Dye and his team!! I am pleased to say that I too shall be adding to what will be shown.


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Sean Sides SQUARE Models – JT Graphics – Battlestar Galactica 1/35 Cylon Raider

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 18, 2009 and is now updated to today’s showing standard!

Replicating the CG Model digital artist Eric Chu designed ...

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13’s Battlestar Phoenix Design (Over 6 Feet) built by Garry King… a HIT!!

Original design by Battlestar Galactica’s Eric Chu for the Production of “13”, (with length and design tweeks by Eric, Tobias Richter and myself),… artist Garry King built this beautiful design out of...

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Garry King’s 13th Tribe Battlestar Build Being Shown at Lego Exhibition in Hobart

Would you like to see this massive LEGO build of the first Battlestar from the upcoming Production of “13”? Then you are in luck because it will be shown at the LEGO Exhibition in Hobart! The informat...

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“13” Battlestar LEGO Build WIP UPDATE from Garry King

Fantastic artist Garry King gives us an update on the fantastic ‘first’ Battlestar from the Kuhn Global Production of “13”!


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HUGE!! 13th Tribe Battlestar from “13” **WIP** LEGO Build by Garry King

I have to say that I am both thrilled and honored that artist Garry King would build this 13 Tribe Battlestar (currently named PHOENIX for reference. This will change)...

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COMING SOON!! 1:32 FS-1 FLying Sub “Display Ready”

Artists Alexander Rivera and Eric Chu have teamed up to produce a number if models of the FS-1 Flying Sub in time for 2012 Wonderfest! Below are the main orthos for that model that Eric penned.


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47 Inch! Lego CYLON Base Star by Garry King

Lego artist Garry King has returned with this fantastic Lego Cylon Base Star, based off the Ron Moore series design that Eric Chu came up with for the show...

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73 Inch!! BATTLESTAR Berzerk – LEGO build by Garry King

Yesterday I received an email from the amazing artist who designed the Ron Moore GALACTICA as well as a few of that shows other designs… Mr. Eric Chu...

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FANTASTIC CG BATTLESTAR Battle Sequence – The Battle at Helios 6

This short film is fantastic! Sent to me by the designer of the Ron Moore Battlestar Galactica, artist Eric Chu, this has to be one of my favorite fan made sequences! I recognize some of the ...

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