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Tobias Richter – Atomic City Models (aka Captain Cardboard) – Star Wars – Studio Scale X-Wing RED 4

This piece by artist Tobias Richter was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 17, 2009...

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Jacob Cook – Hoss Hobbies – STAR WARS – Capt. Cardboard Studio Scale X-Wing RED-2 (Wedge Antilles X-Wing)

Here is my most recent build: a Captain Cardboard Studio Scale X-Wing...

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Rob McFarlane’s -Atomic City Models- 2001: A Space Odyssey – Pan Am Space Clipper “ORION”

This is the Atomic City/ Captain Cardboard version of the Pan Am “Space Clipper” from “2001” — also known as the “Orion” space plane...

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SOLD!! Adam K. Johnson/Atomic City 45” Pan Am Orion III by ROSSI REPLICAS


This amazing piece was sold even before we could get it shown. Appropriately so! It is most excellent work by ROSSI REPLICAS own,.. Rob Rossi...

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FOR SALE!! Studio Scale ROGUE ONE General Merrick BLUE Leader X-Wing by Stephen Hamedl


Stephen John Hamedl


Studio Scale X-Wing

General Merrick (Blue Leader)

$1,350 USD

Plus Shipping

This studio scale X-Wing was built from the old Captain Cardboard (Atomic City) Kit...

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Kuhn Global’s – Studio Scale – Closed Wing BLUE 7 X-Wing by R.L. Bleecker – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

Originally shown here on Modeler Magic 10 years and two days ago (Feb 2, 2019), this beautiful piece was built from a cast kit that has original lineage back to the PYRO Models used in 1977’s STAR WAR...

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From ATOMIC CITY – 2001: A Space Odyssey – 1:32 (15 Inch!) Aries 1-B


2001: A Space Odyssey

15 Inch! ARIES 1-B

This model of the Aries 1-B is the largest ever produced in a kit form, at 15 inches in diameter. The casting of the lower hull alone requires 2...

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Atomic City’s 1/2 Studio Scale BOTANY BAY by Rob McFarlane

This is the Captain Cardboard “Botany Bay.” Measures about 21” in length and is 1/2 the size of the original filming model.



Rob McFarlane




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Atomic City Models TWA Moonliner by Rob McFarlane

The TWA Moonliner are what dreams are made of. I remember seeing this in it’s huge form at Disneyland decades ago, and where it still exists today in a bit smaller form in Tomorrow Land...

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Atomic City’s 47 Inch!! 2001:ASO – ORION III by Adam K. Johnson

This is my 47″ (total length) Orion III from 2001: A Space odyssey. It is the model I finished a pattern for Scott Alexander. It is also cast by him...

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