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SOLD!! THREE Martin Bower Built, SPACE 1999 Studio Scale (46 Inch) Eagle Transporters from Chris Mentch


Chris Mentch



Space 1999

Studio Scale EAGLES

Built by Martin Bower!!

$25,000 Each

These Eagles are HIGHLY valued and made with many custom metal parts!! Not to mention being built...

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The Buzzard – A Martin Bower Inspired Creation by Nigel Rostance of The Breakers Yard

I may as well introduce myself with my most recent work, the Buzzard. I have attached 10 images in the format as requested (Hope I got it right; my camera is very basic….)...

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Space 1999 Battlecruiser by SMT’s Colin Omilusik

I have the great pleasure of introducing a new artist to this gallery… one of the guys we all know…. Colin Omilusik of Scale Model Technologies (SMT)...

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SOLD!! 44 Inch Space 1999 EAGLE Kit Masters! from Robert Burns


SPACE 1999

Season 1 – 44 Inch EAGLE Kit Masters!

*Seller: Robert Burns  Render

*Kit Scale: 1/24th (44 inches)

*Materials: Styrene and SLA

*Price: SOLD!!

*Shipping Amount: TBD

*Shipping To: North Amer...

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The Art Works of Martin Bower

Recently I was contacted by known industry artist Martin Bower...

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Space 1999 Studio Scale Ultra Probe by E. James Small

I recently was able to add this fantastic artist to the list of the great artist shown here…. and this piece is a serious reason why! James Small…...

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