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Moebius TOS Colonial Viper of Squadron “Strike Wing 2” by Frank Blanton

Original Television Series Colonial Viper Model build I did using the excellent Moebius Kit. This is Viper Squadron / Strike Wing 2 while assigned to Battlestar Pegasus...

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Revell Vipers by Frank Blanton

Artist Frank Blanton returns with these fantastic Viper builds! I love them!

Revel Colonial Viper kits I have built. #23 is a “Tiger Meet” Viper of Lt...

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Fine Molds 1:72 Millennium Falcon by Frank B. Blanton

Artist Frank Blanton has outdone himself with this magnificent build of the Millennium Falcon!

This is the Fine Molds 1/72d scale kit...

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1:72 FM Y-Wing by Frank Blanton

I have the great pleasure of introducing THREE new Artists to this Gallery today. The first is artist Frank Blanton with his fantastic build of the Fine Molds Y-Wing...

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