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Jean-Marc DesChamps DEAGOSTINI Millennium Falcon Modifications and Paint Job for the Paul Schach Collection

Gentlemen, I have the pleasure to present you my paint job on a DeAgostini Millennium Falcon for a customer named Paul Schach, who became a close friend...

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Jean-Marc DesChamps Studio Scale Cylon Raider

Jean-Marc is a fantastic and world-class artist in this art form, and this studio scale Cylon Raider he built is just as fantastic!

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Studio Scale Colonial Viper by Jean-Marc DesChamps

I am happy to present you my last assembling : the BSG TOS Viper ! It is the 1/24 studio scale resin kit produced by Jason Wright.

I’ve chosen to represent the Viper in the flight mode, with lights (L...

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Tintin & Milou on the Moon by Jean-Marc Deschamps

En Français…

Personnages et albums incontournables, les aventures de Tintin et Milou dans Objectif lune et On a marché ur la lune font encore rêver les lecteurs.
C’est dans les années 90 que j’a...

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Jean-Marc Deschamps 1:32 Cylon Raider

This is my finished Moebius 1/32 Cylon Fighter ! The quality of the pix gives no justice to the paint ! The model was built from the box, with improvement on the engine housings lighted by LED’s (VooD...

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Cooper Blockade Runner by Jean-Marc Deschamps

Two in one day! Fantastic! We don’t get to show Jean-Marc that often, but when we do… we will take it! Beautiful work!









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RANCOR!! By Jean-Marc Deschamps

It has been a while since we shared a build from this fantastic artist. He never disappoints us!





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The FANTASTIC Works of Jean-Marc Deschamps!

Jean Marc is one of our shown professional industry artists that never disappoints anyone with his skill and creativity! Just look at these magnificent builds below!!

Here are photographs of models ...

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Star Wars Identities Display in France: MORE TIE X-1 Studio Model photographed by Jean-Marc Deschamps

Recently, famed artist Jean-Marc Deschamps photographed more of the studio TIE X-1 to be used for the new studio kit that is coming soon from Chris Kelley! Thanks for the great contributions Jean-Marc...

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Star Wars Identities Display in France: SLAVE LEIA Statue photographed by Jean-Marc Deschamps & Olivier Cabourdin

Here are more fantastic photos from Jean-Marc and Olivier! Fantastic!!





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