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Marko Osterholz’s 5 Foot Millennium Falcon, 32″ Replica WIP

I have always loved the 5ft Falcon, the old piece of junk. I was excited to see that the digital Millennium Falcon made for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was based on the 5ft model...

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Colonial War Machine – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I was combing through the site recently, coming upon this oldie, but goody from 1/1/2011… and I decided to bump it to the front page.
Kurt Kuhn


The Colonial War Machine was stronger than ever, ho...

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Great Star Wars Bandai Kit MOD’s from Marko Osterholz

Marko is amazing with his modification techniques. Top notch!

I have been working on improving the Bandai kits, especially X-wing and Y-Wing to exactly match their studio scale pendents.

For the Y-W...

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1/3 Studio Scale: X-Wing “Blue One” and Y-Wing “Red Jammer” by Marko Osterholz

Artist Marko Osterholz always comes through with fantastic pieces to show…. and these are two that are even better than his last presentation!

In the past couple of weeks I built the 2 first starfig...

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POSSIBLE KIT ALERT!! Moebius GALACTICA Accurization Parts by Marko Osterholz

Not only has Marko accur-ized this build, but may soon be offering the accur-ized parts for all to do so! Check it out!


Lately, I built the new Moebuis TOS Galactica and showed what areas need modi...

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1:48 FM X-Wing “Studio Accurate” Conversion by Marko Osterholz

This has been a long time coming. I believe the modeling world owes a huge thank you to the artist’s at for creating the conversion parts that finally make the FM 1:48 X-Wing accu...

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MODELING NEWS! Desktop Model X-Wing HERO Conversion from MODEL-FORCES




Star Wars

Desktop Model X-Wing

HERO Conversion!

Marko Osterolz teams up with Stefan Hacker and Christian Fröhlich to create a new model company (Model-Forces...

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1:4105 “Battle Damaged” BG-75 by Marko Osterholz

Using teh amazing CG Renders of the actual battle damaged Galactica used in the show (SEEN HERE), famed artist Marko Osterholz matched the CG model mark for mark…making the final display something fan...

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SOLD! 1:4105 Scratch Built Battlestar Galactica by Marko Osterholz

January 13, 2011

This fantastic piece has been sold to a very lucky Collector in Hong Kong!

December 21, 2010

Custom built to go along side the other kits of this size, professional modeler Ma...

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