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J.A.W.S. Models – Kuhn Global – Studio Scale APOGEE “The Long Patrol” Viper Replica by Dan Grumeretz

“The Long Patrol” …. this original series Battlestar Galactica Episode intrigued many with it’s early Viper design. The straight wing had a few people confused…lol...

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Dale Long’s Studio Scale “Triangle” Ship from Battlestar Galactica

BY YOUR COMMAND owner, artist, and collector Dale Long, recently emailed me a link to photos of his Triangle ship from Battlestar Galactica...

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Buck Rogers… HAWK Fighter Studio Model Reference from, Photos by James Small of the Gary Cannavo Collection

Recently Gary Cannavo, now the former owner of the both the original Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers studio model collection, allowed for some of the studio model photos taken by artist James Sma...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! 1:24 DeSanto Continuation Viper from Dale Long & John Cherevka


Dale Long


John Cherevka


DeSanto Continuation Viper

Kit Producer: Dale Long & John Cherevka MMM_DL_JC_DESANTO_VIPER_006

Kit Scale: 1/24

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: TBA

Kit PRE-SALE Pr...

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Blood & Chrome MK III Viper Orthos from Doug Drexler thru Dale Long

Dale Long (owner of the famed emailed me the orthos from Doug Drexler of the Mk III Vipers seen in Blood & Chrome! I must admit…...

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Full Sized SAAB SA-43 Hammerhead Cockpit Prop from the Dale Long Collection

Collector Dale Long, owner of the famed Battlestar Galactica site , recently came forward with some photos of the full sized cockpit prop used in the 1990’s series Space ...

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