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Klingon Bird of Prey by Chris Lai

Artist Chris Lai returns with this beautiful build of the Bird of Prey! His use of colors and weathering is fantastic!


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ID4 Attacker by Chris Lai

Artist Chris Lai returns with this fantastic build of his own vision of the Alien Attacker from the film Independence Day! Usually we are used to seeing this piece in metallic blues and silvers, but t...

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1:35 Colonial Viper by Chris Lai

As promised that we would be showing more of the “off the shelf” professional kit builds, here is the next in line...

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1:144 Millennium Falcon by Chris Lai

This amazing piece astounds me with it’s quality and size! Fine Molds produced this excellent kit and master artist Chris Lai made it look MUCH larger than it’s 8...

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Ma.K. KAUZ by Chris Lai

Master modeler Chris Lai has once again shown why I love his work so much! The Ma.K. piece KAUZ is especially nice with it’s perfect detailing and color choice! Another beautiful piece by Chris Lai!


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Red Jammer Y-Wing built by Chris Lai

Built back in 2008, this RED Jammer Y-wing was beautifully built from a Fine Molds kit by professional modeler Chris Lai! If Chris had not told me, I would have assumed it was a Studio Scale filming m...

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T-47 Snow Speeder by Chris Lai

I must say that with this second showing of master modeler Chris Lai’s, I am unbelievably impressed with his abilities! He has taken this old kit of the Empire Strikes Back Snow Speeder and completely...

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1:48 RED 3 X-Wing by Chris Lai

This has to be one of the best X-Wing’s I have seen built up to date! And I have the great honor of introducing another fantastic artist on the rise to this Gallery…. Mr. Chris Lai! The use of pastel ...

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