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NemVia Productions TMP Refit in Space Dock “Fly-By”

Mark Nehmzow’s work is absolutely stunning. He takes every effort to make things amazing. This Refit in Space Dock is no different...

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NemVia Productions “May 2015 Updates”

With our move, I have fallen a bit behind on the updates, and this one is too great to pass up. Mark is doing GREAT work! See June’s updates by visiting his site by clicking his banner link below…


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NemVia Productions – UPDATE of TMP SPACE DOCK

Mark Nehmzow is doing AMAZING, detailed work on this TMP Space Dock! OUTSTANDING!!





To view more on this BUILD, click the VIEW MORE Button Link below…


To visit the NemVia Productions site direc...

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Star Trek TMP Space Dock – WIP by NemVia Productions

Artist Mark Nehmzow of NemVia Productions is doing amazing work on this highly detailed miniature of the TMP Space Dock!!

Much of the work on the Drydock is very repetitive at this point so I really d...

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46 Inch Enterprise – Shuttle Bay Chasing Lights by NemVia Productions

We have all seen the fantastic Starship builds from NemVia Production’s Mark Nehmzow, and now we get to see a new update to his “Starship Production Line” former showing...

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Starship Production Line by NemVia Productions

Talk about an impressive site! Pro modeler Mark Nehmzow of NemVia Productions has taken on many starship builds in his day, but these are the most he has taken on at the same time...

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NEMVIA Dry Dock – Composite Artworks by RIDER

As if from the movies themselves, master artist RIDER used the photos of the fantastic Dry Dock Model Diorama that NEMVIA built, and placed it above the Earth in orbit, as it should be seen...

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1:350 1701 Refit in Drydock built by NemVia Productions

The Enterprise beautifully built from the former Polar Lights kit (now ROUND 2 kit), and the Drydock scratch mastered to perfection, professional modeler Mark Nehmzow from NemVia Productions absolutel...

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