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Steve Broderick’s MOEBIUS Studio Scale CYLON Raider

Here are a few pictures of a recently finished Moebius Models studio scale Cylon Raider, from the original Battlestar Galactica. I’m currently working on a nice wood base and acrylic case for display...

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Space 1999 “Glider” Studio Model Photos from Steve Broderick

Here are a few shots of the original large “Hero” model of the Space:1999 Glider seen in the second season of the show...

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Space 1999 Studio Model Reference from Steve Broderick

I was recently at an event in England where several of the original filming models from Space:1999 were on display. I thought I would a share a few with all those who visit Modeler Magic.

All the best...

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Space 1999 EAGLE on Pad by Steve Broderick

Although not a studio scale model, and certainly not screen accurate, I thought this project might still be of interest, as we all probably owned this MPC model kit, at one time or another, back in th...

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Steve Broderick’s Moebius Model Viper Build!

It has been a long time since we have had the pleasure of shown Steve’s works… and this is a fantastic piece to show on his return to our viewers! Beautiful work!

Although not a studio scale model, ...

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Star Wars Canada Expo Photos from Steve Broderick

Artist Steve Broderick shot a few photos and decided to share them with everyone of the fantastic models touring in the Star Wars Expo. Thank you Steve!

starwarsexpo 023

starwarsexpo 028

starwarsexpo 050

starwarsexpo 060

starwarsexpo 062

starwarsexpo 066

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1:2 Studio Scale BOTANY BAY by Steve Broderick

I have the great honor of introducing another fantastic artist to this Gallery site…. Canadian Artist Steve Broderick...

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