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Jeremy Kennedy – Bandai 1/72 A-Wing Build

I finished this one a little differently than I usually do, in that I didn’t try to go for the “ILM” look of the original studio models...

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Laurent Perini – Bandai – 1/144 Scratch & Bash – Vessel with GUNDAM Diorama!

Here is the last little diorama I have completed…. the vessel is a Kit Bash, while the pod is scratch build (plastic card and recycled part)...

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FOR SALE!! Kostas Georgiou’s Award Winning DIORAMA – “Crash Landed, Planet Unknown”


Presents This

2017 Award Winning Diorama



(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)

500 €

Plus Shipping

Scale: 1/144

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

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Paul Dilts – Bandai – STAR WARS – TWO 1/72 T-70 X-Wings RED 2 & RED 3 (With “A New Hope” Paint Schemes)

As John Cleese would say “..and now for something completely different” –

I bought these 2 Bandai (TINY) 1/72 scale T-70 kits real cheap and I had no idea what to do with them since I’m not a fan a th...

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Jeremy Kennedy – BanDai – STAR WARS: Return of the Jedi 1/48 AT-ST

Here is my Bandai 1/48 AT-ST. I found the pose that it comes in out of the box to be rather bland and uninteresting...

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FOR SALE!! WeatheringScaleModels – Kostas Georgiou Award Winning Apocalyptic “BOT” Diorama



Award Winning

Apocalyptic “BOT” Diorama

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Seller)


Plus Registered Shipping from Greece

Here is a diorama that I finished in 2018...

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Kostas Georgiou – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – ENDOR Cat and Mice – Diorama

This is my last commission work at 1/48 scale...

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Nicolas Huguet’s BANDAI 1/12 “Speeder Bike on Endor” Display

Here’s my BanDai model SpeederBike in 1/12. I used the Archive-X paintings. The trooper is held on the ground with 2 metal rods in the feet, and the speeder with 2 metal rods in the lower back...

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Phillip Church / DANAMAGIC – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – BanDai AT-ST

Phillip Church built this Bandai AT-ST and sent it to me to paint up. I used oils for the streaking, and the foliage is product they use for model rail road scenery...

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Universal Modeler – BanDai – Rogue One – 1/12 Death Trooper

Here is another fantastic build from François Fleury  of Universal Modeler! This BanDai Death Trooper from Rogue One is beautifully done!

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