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Aries Travel Tribute v3 by Mike Hanson

Japetus Productions own Mike Hanson has done beautiful work on this Aries and Clavius Base! I love this!!

Some shots I put together of my Aries and Clavius models from 2001: A Space Odyssey...

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Kronos One by Japetus Productions, Mike Hanson




Mike Hanson has come forward again with another beautiful build! The Kronos is one of my personal favorites and when I saw how detailed this build was (which he built by reviewin...

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Enterprise 1701-B by Japetus Productions, Mike Hanson

Artist Mike Hanson of Japetus Productions is back with another amazing piece of digital artwork… the Enterprise 1701-B!! What a beautiful piece this is!


To visit Japetus Productions site direct, ple...

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Ralph McQuarrie SCENE Brought to Life by Japetus Productions – Mike Hanson

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Mike Hans0n of Japetus Productions to the gallery today! Originally, Mike had sent over a small selection of artworks of his for me to review for this s...

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