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KIT ALERT! Mike Makkreel’s 1:48 (10 Inch!!) Invaders Flying Saucer!!


Mike Makkreel



Kit: $250 USD Plus Shipping

Fully Built: $1950 USD Plus Shipping

Hello Invaders Fans
My name is Mike Makkreel, I am a Model ...

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The Invaders Saucer Filming Miniature – Information Provided by Tom Strong

Below is the only known photo (thus far) of The Invaders filming miniature, shown here courtesy of Tom Strong…. via Mike Makkreel

The following information was also collected by Tom...

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KIT ALERT! Star Trek TOS 12 inch THOLIAN Spinner from Mike Makkreel


Mike Makkreel


Star Trek TOS

Tholian Spinner

$100 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 12 Inches

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 2

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location


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George Day… Receives & Praises the 10 Inch Invaders Saucer by Mike Makkreel

This photo states it all!

Invaders Custom built model..
I am in my late 50’s, and I grew up with the sci-fi movies of that era and before...

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Review of Mike Makkreel’s UFO by William Mellor

“The model was shipped very securely in a cardboard box resembling a Borg cube. Unpacking went well with an instruction sheet enclosed along with a CD detailing the stages of construction...

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USS Enterprise Colors from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Restoration

Our thanks to Mike Makkreel for keeping us updated, and to the crew of the Air & Space Museum for a fine job!

The article can be accessed by clicking on the Smithsonian Banner that is just below the...

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Mike Makkreel’s INVADERS UFO at MUFON

MUFON Photographer Monte Earwood took this photo of Ancient Alien Theorist and Author famed David Childress admiring Mike Makkreel’s “Invdaers” UFO at the 2016 MUFON Convention a short time ago.



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Studio Scale USS Enterprise 1701 RESTORED at the Smithsonian – Video’s by TREK CORE

Thank you to Mike Makkreel, and Trek Core for both keeping us in the loop, and covering these great event. The USS Enterprise is now restored to her full glory. I cannot wait to visit her again!


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SOLD!! INVADERS 7 Inch Saucer Diorama #2 by Mike Makkreel


Mike Makkreel



$1,200 USD

Plus Shipping

Here a few photos for the 7″ Invader Ship. I have made two like it… One of which has sold.

Here the break down as to the buildin...

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TREKCORE Updates – The Smithsonian Continues Restoration of the USS Enterprise

Links provided by Mike Makkreel, TREKCORE is doing wonderful work restoring the Enterprise. One video is shot and offered by artist Lou Dalmaso!


Here is a letter...

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