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Worker BEE Diorama by Terry Munro

This is fantastic! Artist Terry Munro mixed in some figures from ENTERPRISE in with his scratch built Worker BEE! At first glance of one photo… it had a few of us thinking there was a full sized Prop ...

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Scratch Built DELTA FLYER by Terry Munro

Artist Terry Munro returns with this fantastic scratch build of the fast Shuttle-type craft built on the USS Voyager…. the Delta Flyer!







Terry Munro

To contact this artist direct, please click ...

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Prime Alternative Class-F SHUTTLECRAFT GALILEO – WIP build by Terry Munro

A scratch build in progress by Terry Munro, this fantastic piece was designed by artist’s Ricky Wallace & Rick Carthew for The Prime Alternative! You may see there work by clicking HERE! Terry is trul...

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