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Studio Scale Astral Queen by Jerry Stipp for the Michael Plante Collection

Collector Michael Plante is on fire on his mission to complete his studio scale Rag Tag fleet display! After three years of investigation and finding the correct parts to piece this beast together, ar...

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SOLD!! Battlestar Galactica Colonial Salvage Flattop from Jerry Stipp



Colonial Salvage Flattop

$600 U.S.


within the United States

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.


This fa...

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1:24 F-302 Fighter from SG1 by Jerry Stipp

Built from the now “out of production” Saltire Technologies kit (mastered by Barry Murray), this piece was given it’s due justice by master modeler Jerry Stipp...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale RED Y-Wing by Jerry Stipp

ON THE AUCTION BLOCK!… Going… Going…. GONE!… To a lucky collector in Germany!

Built from the fantastic NICE-N Model Designs Kit, fantastic modeler Jerry Stipp built this RED Y-Wing using the same meth...

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BSG Colonial Salvage Flattop built by Jerry Stipp

I saw this piece on the Resin Illuminati Board and I just had to show it here!

Talented modeler Jerry Stipp definitely shows his great skills in scratch building with this amazing piece from the “Rag ...

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