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Red Lectroid Thermopod from the Buckaroo Banzai movie By Doug Shortes

Doug Shortes


Red Lectroid Thermopod from the Buckaroo Banzai movie

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Douglas Shortes Studio Scale (3 Foot) Star Trek TMP Vulcan Warp Sled

OK… I am drooling! This is fantastic! Great work Douglas!!

Here’s some photos on the Vulcan warp sled model. It’s studio scale and about 3 feet long overall...

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Studio Scale Star Trek TMP Vulcan Warp Sled & Shuttle WIP by Douglas Shortes

Artist Doug Shortes is doing something I have yet to see anyone else do… the studio scale replica of the Motion Picture Vulcan Sled and Shuttle! This is magnificent and you can bet it will look fantas...

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Studio Scale GAL356 Shuttle by Douglas Shortes

Artist Douglas Shortes has returned with this fantastic build from the now “Out of Production” Studio Scale Kit by MSLZ22 Models...

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Studio Scale TOS Cylon Raider by Douglas Shortes

I haven’t seen one of these Studio Model Cylon Raiders done in some time…....

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Ralph McQuarrie CONCEPT Cylon Raider by Douglas Shortes

When I first viewed this being built, my jaw dropped with amazement even then! Professional artist Douglas Shortes was building one of my favorite concept designs! And it ended up being a masterpiece!...

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Colonial One – Composite Artworks by RIDER

Using the photos of Douglas Shortes’s amazing build of Colonial One (SEEN HERE), master artist RIDER made these BEAUTIFUL composites! My mentor really know his stuff!


To view more of RIDER’s works,...

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“COLONIAL ONE” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Majestically flying next to her armored protector, the Galactica, the Presidents vessel is poised with confidence in it’s role to lead the human race to the thirteenth tribes planet of Earth.

This pie...

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Colonial ONE By Douglas Shortes

This jaw-dropping piece was done by another great modeler of whom I have the pleasure of introducing to you, and this Gallery today. Professional modeler Douglas Shortes (dbhs modeler) definitely has ...

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