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1:72 Fine Molds Darth Vader TIE X-1 by Paresh Ladd

The Scale Workshop’s artist Paresh Ladd returns with this great build of of the Fine Molds Vader TIE!

This is something we builders of ‘Fine Molds Star Wars kits’ have been waiting a long time for: ...

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1:72 Fine Molds Y-Wing by Paresh Ladd

Paresh Ladd returns with another fantastic build…

This was another fun and involving build courtesy of Fine Molds incredible attention to detail...

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1:72 Imperial TIE Fighter by Paresh Ladd of The Scale Workshop

Paresh Ladd



Presents The

Imperial TIE Fighter

We have the great honor of introducing another fine talent to our Gallery today.. Paresh Ladd! Showing first is his wonderful build of… you see it…...

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