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FOR SALE!! Battlestar Glactica TOS – Studio Scale CYLON BaseStar – By Angelo Disalvo


Angelo J. Disalvo


Studio Scale


$7,500 USD obo

Plus Shipping & Insurance

I present FOR SALE my scratch build of the Battlestar Galactica studio scale Basestar from ...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Battlestar GALACTICA Replica from Angelo J. DiSalvo



Studio Scale Replica


Now on Display in the Land of OZ!

The slightly over 6 foot studio Galactica model is still the dream of many to have in their collect...

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8 inch TOS BSG Triangle Ship “In Progress” by Angelo J. DiSalvo

Professional modeler Angelo J. DiSalvo is back with this “in Progress” scratch and bash to make the Triangle ship we see passing by in the credits of the original series Battlestar Galactica...

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Studio Scale CYLON Basestar mastered by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

Here is yet another beautiful scratch build from Angelo DiSalvo! His professional builds continue to shine in this extremely precise art form...

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Studio Scale Cylon Tanker mastered by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

Here is another beautiful Battlestar Galactica studio model by Angelo DiSalvo… the Cylon Tanker! We first saw this vessel in the 1978 film when Apollo and Zac went out for patrol only to find the enti...

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Studio Scale COLONIAL MOVERS mastered by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

Here is yet another great studio replica from known professional Angelo J...

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Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica mastered by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

What can I say about this piece, except… IMPRESSIVE! Professional modeler Angelo J...

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Studio Scale Gemeni Freighter mastered by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

Angelo has proven to be one of the best known Battlestar artists today! You can see for yourself that his replication of the Gemeni Freighter from 1978’s Battlestar Galactica is exact in every way to ...

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Studio Scale Galactica Gun Emplacement built by Angelo J. DiSalvo (Vipers1)

This outstanding piece was done a a very known artist named Angelo. While he remains silent in the community, his professional artwork is recognized all over the world!

This fine piece now resides in ...

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