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Coming Soon!! 1/64th scale Phoenix from Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper designed the Phoenix to be amazing! Now he is going to offer it in a smaller kit for all to enjoy!!

I thought I’d shoot you some pics of the 1/64th scale Phoenix. It’s almost finished...

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SOLD!! 15 Inch GUNSTAR from Randy Cooper




The Last Starfighter


I’m selling my “Last Starfighter” Gunstar. It’s 15″ long and has lights. I made the pattern for Monsters in Motion years ago. This is my 1st model kit...

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Shuttlecraft Galileo by Mike Makkreel

Artist Mike Makkreel has returned with this magnificent miniature of the Shuttlecraft Galileo! Built from the Randy Cooper kit…. this piece is magical with lighting!! Beautiful!!

Shuttle 011

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The TIME Machine by Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper is an artist known for his extreme abilities in miniature work! This is no different with this magnificent build of the TIME Machine! This piece is wonderous in it’s fantastic detailing a...

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KIT ALERT! 1:12 SPINNER Electronics Kit from VooDooFX




1:12 SPINNER Electronics Kit

$175.00 + Shipping

Kit includes:

Wall transformer

24 Port driver board

2 Special effects boards

36 High output Leds

Full instructions

Here is a link...

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Time Machine built by Randy Cooper

This beautiful piece was crafted by well known artist Randy Cooper...

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