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Jason Ware – STAR TREK: The Wrath of Khan – 1/175 (5 Foot) USS Reliant

What can I state about Jason Ware’s talents that I have not before? His USS Reliant is magnificent! I love the accessibility of the interior’s…. very nicely designed indeed!

In Jason’s own words, “Thi...

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Jason Ware – Star Trek – 1/175 Klingon K’Tinga!

Here is my Klingon K’Tinga in 1/175. The printing costs were probably under $50. That model did not have parts, and was a single model, so I had to cut it up in Meshmixxer...

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A Jason Ware Build – The 1/260 (46 Inch) DeBoer USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A

I just completed a DeBoer Refit NCC-1701-A for my happy client Kevin. He will be adding the 1/260 4ft DeBoer Hulls USS Enterprise 1701-A shown below to his collection...

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Jason Ware’s 6 Foot Enterprise REFIT Display

Everyone knows of Jason’s amazing 6 foot scratch build of the USS Enterprise from The Motion Picture. Now Jason has moved it to be in his Media Room… which is a quite outstanding display!

To visit J...

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SOLD!! Jason Ware’s – Star Trek Re-Boot – 1/500 USS Enterprise NCC-1701




STAR TREK 2009 Re-Boot

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

$2,200 USD

Plus Shipping

Perhaps the most screen accurate model of The reboot “JJ” Enterprise ever built.

This build includes...

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Round 2 – 1:350 TOS Enterprise 1701 by Jason Ware

This Enterprise build of Jason’s is quite magnificent! Just as all his great builds, this one truly is finely detailed! Just look at those tiny, TINY details in those VERY small areas on this model! A...

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1:350 TOS Enterprise 1701 WIP “The Bridge” by Jason Ware

Everyone who is in Sci-Fi modeling knows this artist’s name...

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SOLD! 1:350 Enterprise REFIT from Jason Ware


Jason Ware


USS Enterprise Refit


Perhaps the most screen accurate model of The Motion Picture Refit NCC-1701 Enterprise ever built...

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1:350 Enterprise 1701 Refit by Jason Ware

We all remember artist Jason Ware from his amazing 1/175 (6 Foot) scratch build of the Refit (SEEN HERE and HERE)! Now he took on the Polar Lights 1:350 scale…. and you can see it is marvelous!!


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Jason Ware’s WIP on the 350 scale Enterprise Refit

Already well known for his scratch built 6 foot TMP Enterprise Refit, artist Jason Ware decided to build a 350 scale Refit for another collector...

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