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Death Star II – Scratch and Bash by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

This scratch and bash build is incredible! It captures the evil essence of the menacing Death Star II as seen in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi...

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1:72 X-Wing Diorama by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

Once again this famous artist amazes me with his fantastic work on this extremely tiny diorama! His attention to detail, even within the bowels of the X-Wing itself are incredible! When lit, and the l...

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Gungan Sub Diorama by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

Master modeler Jose Hidalgo has done it again with this beautiful diorama from Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace! Every detail is done supremely from the water texture, to the beautiful terrace...

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Anakin’s PODRACER by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

This beautiful build of the AMT produced kit was done by professional modeler Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo (aka Drath Anik / tioanik) of STUDIO ANIK in Madrid, Spain! Jose masterfully made a diorama of ...

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“Buzz Droids!” Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Utilizing the fantastic builds that Jose Hidalgo of Studio Anik did, the vision of this scene couldn’t be more clear!

To contact Mr...

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Jedi Starfighters and Buzz Droids built by Jose Maria Clavero Hidalgo

I have the honor of introducing a new, rising artist to this Gallery…...

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