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Barrie Clucas – ALIENS – Life Sized Pulse Rifle Prop Replica

The Pulse Rifle has long been a “must do” model because it’s such a great looking weapon...

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Barrie Clucas – ALIENS – Over 6’/~1.82m Scratch Built SULACO

I was asked to build a 3 foot Sulaco model from the film ALIENS. My client was so pleased that he asked if I could make a larger version....

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Barrie Clucas – Star Wars – 20″ Tatooine Skiff

This Tatooine SKIFF was scratch built from flat plastic sheet. I managed to get a small drawing off the good old internet and then set about scaling it up to give me a model around 20 inches long...

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Barrie Clucas – STAR WARS ~24″(60.96cm) Speeder Bike Scratch Build!

Here is the Speeder Bike, all hand made from plastic sheet with only the bare minimum of kits parts added...

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Barrie Clucas – VTOL

The VTOL craft was an idea I had for a long time. It began with building the two seats and then the whole craft just grew around them...

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Classic Space Gun by Barrie Clucas

Artist Barrie Clucas is not limited to miniatures, and shows here he makes full sized Props as well! This one is fantastic in it’s classic design, yet modern look! I love it!



Barrie Clucas

To cont...

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Barrie Clucas’s Latest Projects

The “Old Guy” of model making is back with these fantastic scratch built projects. Artist Barrie Clucas show us his latest works!

Here are a few images of my latest model all of which are scratch bu...

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HUGE! Scratch Build Star Destroyer by Barrie Clucas

Once again artist Barrie Clucas comes to show his fantastic works…. this time of the Imperial Star Destroyer that hangs in his Hobby Shop!



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52 Inch Custom SCRATCH & BASH BATTLESTAR build by Barrie Clucas

Artist Barrie Clucas is known for his custom scratch and bash build that are rather large! This is another example of his great creativeness!!

The model is 52 inches long and about 20 inches wide I ...

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THREE Foot Tall! Thunderbird 3 by Barrie Clucas

“Down Under” artist Barrie Clucas joins us again today with this fantastic Thunderbird 3! Check it out! This goes great with the THUNDERBIRD ONE he is currently selling! (View HERE)

I thought that you...

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