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FOR SALE!! HUGE (~40 Inches Long!) Imperial Walker (AT-AT) from Lee Justin!


Lee Justin


STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back

Imperial Walker (AT-AT)

HUGE (~40 Inches Long!)

$5,999 USD

Plus ACTUAL Shipping

Payment Methods Accepted: PLEASE CONTACT (Modeler Ma...

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Lee Justin X-WING Builds

Artist Lee Justin has impressed us with his scratch build Star Destroyer, and his AT-AT’s and his X-Wing Builds. Here is all of his X-Wings together… always an impressive site!

X-Wingx5 - Red-5-3

X-Wingx5 - Red-5-7

To view more o...

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Lee Justin’s RED 2 X-Wing

Artist Lee Justin has built this very unique RED 2… and the pilot even has a 1970’s mustache!! More great work from this artist.

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Lee Justin’s Studio Scale Blue Leader (Blue 1) X-Wing

Originally the Yavin attack force was to be Blue Squadron, but the blue markings created too many problems with the compositing process...

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Lee “Furry” Justin’s THREE HUGE AT-AT’s – With ONE Possibly FOR SALE!!

Two years in the making, Lee Justin finished these three behemoths in the Fall of 2017, with one possibly for sale! As you can see they are very large....

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KORBANTH 38 Inch Super Star Destroyer by Lee Furry

The KORBANTH SSD is a kit that has been out for some time, and yet never ceases catching great builds of it to show! I love the lighting effects here...

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SOLD!! 24 Inch Star Destroyer by Lee Furry of The Star Destroyer Project


Lee Furry


Star Wars

Star Destroyer


Plus World-Wide ShippingSONY DSC

Scratch built, 24 inch, fully lit Imperial Star Destroyer...

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