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Patrick Reilly’s 1:1000 USS Enterprise REFIT

This was a kit I just happened to find at a local gaming shop just before it closed down. This was actually the first kit I built since taking a 20 year break from models...

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JPG Productions 1/12 Probe Droid by Patrick Reilly

Here is a resin kit from JPG Productions…. the 1/12 scale Probe Droid. It was a great little build and has very nice details.

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Patrick Reilly Brings to Life the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing Concept Painting

The scene was composited using 4 photos.
– 1/24 McQuarrie X wing model
– 1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter (duplicated)
– 2 deathstar panels from Bandai

The Images were cropped and composited in Photoshop...

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Patrick Reilly’s 1/72 BanDai Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon

Showing his second piece here in Modeler Magic, artist Patrick Reilly is truly showing magnificence in this art form.

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Patrick Reilly’s – Richard Long Patterned – FM Model Co. 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing

I am an artist from Orlando Florida. My main job is doing concept art for attractions through out the world, but occasionally I also do fantasy m/sci-fi books, magazine and comic cover art.
Up until t...

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